© 2015 Forever Just Married
We meet the first and third Sundays of
the month, at 6 PM, in the
multi-purpose room of the Bascom
Community Center, 1000 S. Bascom
Ave., San Jose, CA 95008.
Our spiritual director is
Rev. Marilyn Pelz, MS in
Higher Consciousness
from Agape University in
We have two new classes starting in late March:

AWAKENING TO LOVE, Tuesday, March 24

SOUL PROCESSING, Thursday, March 26
We are a member of
the Agape Association
of Communities
6 PM,Sunday, April 5th.  Rev. Marilyn  
will look at the story of Jesus from a
new thought perspective, and ask
"What Would Jesus Do? "  She will be
joined by Sharon Henderson and
Friends, who will also sing their
popular "What Would Jesus Do"
song.   There will also be meditation,
prayer and fellowship.  We invite you
to join us and hear the Easter story in
a whole new way!