"Forever Just Married", the story of two strong-will
individuals who are making their 53 year marriage work!
Getting married is among the top priorities of most Americans.
Yet 50% fail at it, sometimes more than once.  Divorce may be a
viable option for some, but if you’re looking for ways to stay
married, read on….

“Forever Just Married” is the story of a young man and woman who
fell madly in love the first time they met and parlayed that initial
“nuclear explosion” into an amazing 50-year relationship –
overcoming betrayal, heartbreak and deception.  The result is a
unique coupling of two strong willed, independent people who grew
both individually and together because of one important decision
they made along the way: “We will give in but we will never give
up”.  Both agree they have been divorced and remarried many
times – but always to the same person.  

The story traces the amazing journey of Marilyn and Kent Pelz, from
their initial blind date in 1961 in Mission Hills, Kansas, to their 30-
year stint in one house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu,
California, to their current lives as spiritual counselors and teachers
in San Jose.  In this workshop, Kent and Marilyn reveal the major
challenges they faced, how they overcame these challenges, and
the lessons they learned about how to create a workable and
sustainable relationship with each other, parents, siblings, friends,
co-workers and more.

In a world that places a high value on individual freedom, the story
of Kent and Marilyn’s 50-year marriage illustrates that it is possible
for two people to move from the perspective of “it’s all about me” to
“it’s all about we”, and at the same time, feel totally fulfilled and
satisfied as individuals.  

  “Meeting you was fate,
  becoming your friend
  was a choice, but
  falling in love with you
  I had no control over.”

  Rev. Marilyn Pelz and Kent Pelz,  spiritual      
  counselor, have been married since  
  December, 1961.   Marilyn had a career as a
  Math teacher and tutor and Kent was in
  advertising and marketing.  They  have two
  grown daugthers and four grandchioldren.
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