Heart Space Teachings was co-founded by Rev.
    Marilyn and Kent Pelz, RScP in 2011 as a
    nondenominational, new-thought / ageless wisdom
    spiritual community.  We believe in this age of the
    rational mind, the power of the heart can be
    overlooked.  It is the empress of the body and the
    gateway to the mystical.  The magnetic field of the
    heart exceeds that of the brain by 5,000 times.  Our
    Heart Space teachings emanate from this magnetic
    force field.

    We invite you to join us in this spiritual
    consciousness, as together we seek the highest
    expression of our true selves. From the infinite field
    of cosmic intelligence we call God, our ability to co-
    create a future of well-being and abundance is
    unlimited.  Our classes, workshops and retreats are
    for seriously curious students who want to go
    deeper into their spiritual awakening and are willing
    to commit to an evolving spiritual practice.
Our monthly
services are at 6
PM, the first and
third Sundays of
each month at the
Bascom Community
Center, 1000 S.
Bascom, San Jose,
CA 95008.  Look for
this Tree of Life at
the Center's patio.  
We are a member of the Agape
Association of Communities
We are a
dedicated to
those who daily
follow the trail
into the realms
of higher